Preparation of breeding tank

The ideal production tank: (Front: 50cmxYan: 55cmxYükseklik: 50 cm) sizes, including 125 litres is around.

All except the front side of the external tank production surfaces (including the inner surface facing inside sumpa) ışık geçirmeyen with a white material, it is important to be isolated from the outside world. This type of protection with you moving the tank around rootstock discus periods ürkmeleri and stress they will be blocked.

The upper part of the tank with retractable roof in such a way that it is important that the steam Cap. In the manufacturing process of the environment less lighting and daylight saving time

Üretim Akvaryumu

Üretim Akvaryumu

in cases where the tank directly into the image istenmeği gland and/or similar materials can be turned off with the top surface of the tank.

As a result of the experiments I've done production tank filter system is the high success rates in internal sump. It's very, very efficient system of pipe filter sump systems mantarlaşma and I can tell you that very low losses. The surface of the inner side of the tank from the production of 5 cm wide, established in the area allocated to the sump system approximately 7.8 lt provides a serious filter material field. This filter field will be provide in the field outside of the ambitious brand filter is an area larger than.

Air stone can be located in the sump area. The air in the tank instead of moving the sump has the advantage of being in a very serious. Anaçların puppies cone-at the time of the knee as much as possible in the tank akıntı olmamalıdır. The amount of air that flows in the carrying amount of decrease in the sump.

The heater can be positioned within the sump area. The heater is placed in the sump area and creating a narrow field. Heater tank is in fact a narrow space within the sump instead. The flow is less than in the case of a production set in the tank heater heat differences in different parts of the tank increases. However, the sump pump into the tank by heating water circulating within the method shows differences drastic reduction in heat.

Air stone and the other in the sump heater is a benefit. Mom/Dad back pups rootstocks are feed on their parents through mukozo. Especially at night the light reduced environments, dark-colored objects will confuse the puppies. The chicks are this dark objects tend to swim and they disappear into the tank. The external surface is covered with a white material, air in the tank and heater materials such as in cases where the loss of reduced offspring have been observed with certainty.

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