Causes of Disease

  • Low filtration power:

A good filter system that does not have the standard filter in the properties of an aquarium healthy discus is very difficult to feed. Discus aquarium water speed of infusing cycles per hour minimum 3 times turned into filter systems is needed. Discus-like protein is mainly fed fish sump sistemi According to other internal and external filters filter is much more efficient.

  • Insufficient water changes:

Discusların is the most important disease cause water condition in corruption. Water in a regular and sufficient water to prevent distortions in the Exchange program must be implemented. Adequate water exchange program on behalf of a healthy Aquarium environment for discus is very important. Lack of water change the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the aquarium water value causes the elevation of. High ammonia, nitrite and nitrate values will cause damage to the immune system and of the discus disease causes become clear.

Dangerous upper bounds:

  • Ammonia: 0.1 mg/l
  • Nitrite: 0.5 mg/l
  • Nitrate: 13 mg/l

To be determined in the Aquarium filter capacity and Exchange program depends on the number of live. In General recommended daily by 20% water is in the direction of the Exchange.

I'm very strong sump filter (Aquarium: 900 liters, External sump: 150 LT capacity 70 liter filter material, the use of the engine head 8500 Lt per hour) using the water changes twice a week at a rate of 70-75%.

Discuses live pH value very low acid soil and stream water have evolved in animals. High levels of alkaline water pH of water in our country. This fish is very obtrusive internal and external parasites, pH value will produce low water diseases cannot be so sprung up. However, the pH-value in the waters of our country, which are high in these parasites rapidly multiply and causes disease in fish. The only thing we can do in this case is us sık su değişimleri with internal and external parasites is to keep the population low.

Another important point tank water changes, the environment is the subject of the collection of feed and feces no longer. They must be removed from the environment as often as possible now. Dip the fish healthy and quick development of the cleanliness of an abnormal effect on is recognized by many manufacturers. As a result, the aquarium water of feed and feces not collected now last for a long time remain adversely affects the health of the fish certainly.

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