Sump applications, exterior Sump pros and cons

The filtration systems that can be used for larger aquariums sump. Put into the engine sump systems act as a result of the flow of water through the cleaned up. The water movement by the engine by various panels of stone waterfall method with a number of layers and thus are cleaned or filtration.

Sump systems on the basis of the two strands.

  1. İç sump
  2. Dış sump

There are advantages and disadvantages of both systems. We can be an example of this article to examine the external sump systems will try a type. The details of the system before it is worth noting a number of theoretical information. The following post in the starting point is the ending point of the motor, the water still will be the engine of the water so that it will be a full loop with the sequence.

External sump systems is usually positioned in a separate pane below the main tank. Water main above the tank from the Division must be a strong and high quality printing engine is very important. The aquarium water at least 3 times in an hour must have capacity to translate. An example will explain if we say the main tank 500 litres. Press about 1500 liters of water at a time when we need an engine capable of. But pressing up and the water in time and materials from falling into the performance, 500 litre aquarium press 2500-3000 liters of water per hour for an engine that can get.

The main water tank transfer printed on the bike for different methods. Some systems are some of the base of the Aquarium is close to the surface and opened holes from the back of the juice. These holes must be opened with the help of special machines under construction to the Aquarium. After turning over the aquarium water in this way, a hole will be very incorrect to attempt to behavior. The bike carried on with the help of a hose to the back of the aquarium water into the holes with the help of various transfer apparatus and Silicon are fixed as shown in the following illustration.


Fixing the main hose from the tank bike

It pinned part of the rest of the pipe on the side of the sabitlenirse the main tank and pipe with the help of this drill holes will be established in a natural aquarium if the sprinkler system. To do this, we will tell you our water holes don't carry inside the main tank below with towers of different levels. Holes above must be below the level of the stone tower in the Aquarium. If you are not asked to be made that they should be the same as the level of the sprinkler. Although useful for aeration of the water sprinkler to make noises can be disturbing.

Yağmurlama Yöntemi

Yağmurlama Olmayan Yöntem

So far we have brought into the main tank juice from sumptan. Main tank in a way I have to return the water overflow and sumpa. Here are 2 methods. The difference between these 2 methods, although very small, the impact is greater. Now let's make the distinction:

  1. Yüzeyden sumpa kule içinden direk taşırma
  2. Akvaryumun tabanına yakın bir noktadan suyu çekip kuleye taşırma

The first method of many people he knows, as in many places; a hole in the plan and from the surface, is to carry the water from the main tank in the Tower from here. The advantage of this is that it's like a layer of oil on the surface of the water, sometimes layer occurs. This will clean the surface, peel back the routes remain sumpa. The disadvantage is that because the surface constantly recirculating bottom is a gap when it comes to cleaning.

In the second method is the accumulation of dirt on the bottom for water bottom was taken less and less at the bottom of the Aquarium if it consists of a transaction. If plugged into one main tank circulation in the aquarium in about half an hour if the engine no particle or stool occurs when there is not.

Kulenin görünümü

Top or bottom thanks to the main tank drop-down hole reaches the water tower is overflowing. Located in the main tank Tower cleaned the water now and is very useful for a stool. These towers will conform to the size into the blue sponge is placed on. This is on top of a short blue sponge layer fiber is added. The main plug from the stool and held that most of the fiber now. In this way, harmful fecal matter greatly to arrive the sumpa. This situation is to increase the duration of use of the sump use. 3 years was made this year cleaning the exterior used sumpun. Sump disassembled materials examined in the decision to clean out the sump would have been more than 3 years.


Kulenin üstten içi boş halinin görünümü


Kulenin içine konulacak temizlenmiş mavi süngerler


Mavi süngerlerin üstüne elyaf konulması


Kulenin üstünün kapatılması


Kulenin üstü için yapılan basit kapak


Kulenin üstünden çıkan elyafın kolayca temizlenmesi

In the picture above the Tower, the Tower in blue foam and fiber cleansing. Determining where to get to the Aquarium, to the Tower ulaşılabilecek bir yer seçilirse that would be fine. Otherwise it can be very troublesome cleaning of the tower. For example, a room in the corner of the wall in the corner of a thoroughly compacted Aquarium cleaning of the Tower will be extremely difficult.

Again, the above illustrations are simply small talk that can be Tower cover. Overflowing water tower the Tower döküldükçe sound. We have put into the Tower blue sponges and even this noise cut fibres over time this is synonymous with accumulated fecal matter and now I don't have to smell of and to minimize the sound of running water that covers. This cover is made as follows. Yellow styrofoam cut fit into the hole.


Kulenin genel fotoğrafı

picture number 10 has been in there is a space between holes and blue sponges. This gap is because blue sponge to prevent it from being right on top of the hole of the bottle should be placed. This is because over time they accumulated dirt and Blue Blue sponge sponge preventing stalled as a result of the jam in the hole. The tower was put on a mineral water bottle by reversing into. Stop at the top of this bottle of blue sponge. This situation can be improved very different solutions, personal basis. .


Kulelerdeki suyun sumpa taşınması

Water overflowing from the tower roofs through pipes to reach sumpa has been provided. the engine, as shown in the picture number 11 force according to a very high flow water inlet from top to bottom. This water inlet water from top to bottom like a waterfall's crumbling and in this way, the water aerated. So in this system, there is absolutely no need to air motor.

In case of interruption of electricity consists of a status in sump. A quality engine by high amounts of water to the main tank at the moment of the cutting off of electricity motor when the water in the pipes and high water is the fourth born in a water overflow level due to the slight sump level elevation. Therefore, the amount of water in the engine compartment sumpun height being a little above half. Loses water overflow of electricity in this way. If the water is too high, no matter the possibility of overflow.

Long-term leave for example in case of a 1-week vacation from the aquarium water in an amount by-and-by. This evaporated quantity should be observed before going on vacation by aquarists evaporation according to personal precautions should be taken on the basis of the quantity. For example if very high levels of evaporation to form the key to a neighbor. If the top of the aquarium glass, which prevents excess evaporation or condensation will be very much at that time. Or the evaporation Tower is on the top of the cover is not done remains to be seen.

Sump in the physical and biological filtration processes.



şema1Sump’un çizimi

  1. Bölme: Water first came to fiber. In this section, the water is found in the stool, can no longer feed or a large volume of particles are cleaned. Fibers under blue sponge. Sump in blue sponge with each material. Blue sponge under lava fragments. The water from this sharp surfaces which are indented from the surface as it passes through the small volume of particles in this layer are cleaned. Lava is under fracture of chickpeas-sized substrate.
  2. Bölme: 1. the water from going through this narrow area and under the next pane taşırılmaktadır. This pane is located in the heater. Quality Eheim Jager model heaters are recommended. The heater system is an important tool for. The point is to not to compromise on quality.
  3. BölmeThrough the eyes of overflowing water going through the bioball: heater and this layer of water aeration process once again. At the bottom of the ceramic Bioball. This section is written and beneficial bacteria in this way, water, nitrite-nitrate cycle.
  4. Bölme: 3. the water from under the motor section is full, and here again the main tank.


Sump’un çizimi

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