About water:

1-What is the best ph to Discus?

Normally the most healthy ph 6.0 and 6.5 for discus. These values are the best values, but what's important is to have a stable situation and water of ph changes too much play. For example water ph 7.5, and if you are doing this with water only water changes, the main work to download your tank the ph change in each water fish 6 lara you should take it easy.

2-what is the best water hardness degree?

Normally 2-3 Romina de can keep your ph in the gentle waters, suitable for your your corals stable. But if you have some more hard problems ph volatility would be more convenient for a water. If your file is larger than 10 the hardness in the Aquarium before you use it, you should definitely get some smoothing. As an example of doing this ways, we can learn how to use the device and to use peat RO.

3-What is the best temperature?

The ideal temperature in young discus 29-30 ° c to 40 °, whereas adult concerns, and discus this 28-29 ° c degrees. Another important topic to know for warmth is particularly temperature-sensitive pathogens (generally parasitic) caused by diseases thanks to the high temperature for 3 days kurtulunabilinme. (34-35 degrees).

4-Water change?

The issue is, how much water is water discus change you make, the better. If we change how often water, but can I see so many fish in the Aquarium, we can become. Some discus players on the same day, in more than 90% of the proper size with water up to changes and health yakalamaktadır. Hobicilere this job a bit difficult, at least without straining yourself too much, we recommend changing the water in a specific order. (At least 50% per week)

Size About:

1-Discus what can grow up?

A discus in appropriate circumstances is maximized 23 cm standard length. Standard length measurement from the tip of the nose is to the beginning of the tail. The length of the tail paint are not included.

2-Burn discus?

The size is too small for his age burnt discus discus. Does not have adequate water exchange of a discus, enough feed isn't too small, or in the first two years of its life as a youngster was raised by intense if you can remain relatively small and groomed him.

It grows very fast in the first year of their lives, to grow more slowly in the second year and continues as there is no longer enough to try it later, but it had gotten. So it's up to a 10-month-old Burns starts to feed the circumstances better than normal discus longitudinal may not reach but still has time to grow and can grow a little bit better. In general we can say that, two years on a finished discusun body is smaller than a cd burn.

3-How big a fish tank do I need?

An average of 40 to 50 liters for each adult discus you need water. Of course, it is necessary to disrupting regular water changes, too. If you do water changes more often and much smaller volumes you can also see more discus, but large volume is always better.

If 450 litres of aquarium or if you want, up to a maximum of 10-11 it is recommended that you be the owner of the adult fish.

The disease:

1-discuses live easy get sick?

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes, because the immune system is not very good habitat that could hurt them more than the water in the bacteria they encounter.

Discusunuzun not start with healthy in the first place to discus patients and water values always hold good. Follow the fish you receive always quarantine new (at least one month) and do not use the same equipment for different aquariums. Wash your hands when you get back to the Aquarium, even if different.

And never do not panic! Don't start medication immediately, water change and parameter control after making your fish. Most of the disease immediately because the killing at first try to figure out what the problem is and then apply the treatment.

2-What are the methods of Treatment?

To do this, Hope wrote in detail Check of diseases and treatments, you can check some of it.




Purchase and start as:

1-how many discus with should I start?

Economic and water parameter values as small (5 cm) fish are best suited to start taking.

In General, it is advisable to start at least 6 fish but I'm a fan of at least 8 fish. There are also those who have been successful by taking four fish, but given the number of oppressed by the dominant fish fish fish would increase hırpanlanma rate will be reduced.

In addition, if you start with what are called in the future more discus double her chances of surviving will be.

2-How to discus?

It is mostly sold in the Aquarium discus are low quality. From a good hobby you receive will better your business with discus.

A healthy discus is on alert, alert at any time. Appetite is very clear and you are approaching, move toward the surface. Never thin, standing at the counter fishes himself karats.

How do I set 3-Gender?

To do this, it's still on our site, you can check the master of Hope Check.


About The Food:

1-prepare homemade how our food?

For this, you can examine the writing of Outstanding Karabacak.


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