Discus Diseases

Bakteriyel Hastalıklar


  • Pseudomana bacteria
  • Aeromonas bakterisi


  • It is the most important symptom of head crashes. The advanced stages of the disease head cartilage tissue used by fish in this section consist of depressions.
  • The eye of the fish on the head with a spur, perfectly cooked, light between. This color change is seen as a more pronounced in blue tones of fish.
  • Renkte kararma
  • Yüzgeçlerde parçalanma
  • Solunumun hızlanması
  • Mukoza atımı
  • Vücutta şişkinlikler
  • Loss of balance. This symptom is indicative of the near-death experience is the most important fish


  • Sera Baktopur Direct
  • Tetracilin HCL
  • Low PH application. Water PH 5.0 – 5.5 lowering to around this type of bacterial infection in slowing the development of the disease, and even in the treatment of very handy.

İç Parazitler

The most common internal parasites in the discus and timely treatment if not causes digestive system diseases resulting in death. The disease is detected in time, making it easier to treat. At the beginning of the disease, so the fish are attracted to join the stage eating dropped yet available can be treated with drugs. I've met many times with this disease for many years. The easiest method I can tell you that eating drugs made by mixing treatment. However, the progression of the disease and the care for unrelated to eating fish appetite decreased in aquarium water is spraying method should be applied. Giving drugs with a syringe in her mouth, that is described in the forums of the fish method is not a method I like but can be tried only as a last resort. Medications used to treat internal parasites only affects the adult. In the case of parasite eggs in the implementation of treatment and in order to destroy the wolves the same treatment should be applied again after 10-12 days. This will be repeated before the time will not be a benefit of treatment. This period is exceeded in the case of eggs will leave as soon as possible again by crack the egg to adulthood, they can access, and this is repeated in the life cycle of the parasites and wolves. For this reason, the treatment should be applied to a repeat duration.


  • Flukes: very small wolvestapeworm
  • Tapeworms: large Wolves of the digestive system
  • Nematodes (Capillaria): microscopic size ranging from the length of the range, starting from millimeter round-shaped worms.
  • Flagellates: single or multicellular parasites. The swim bladder is one of the main reason of the problem.
  • Hexamita (Spironucleus): Fish head is a parasite that causes holes in part. This disease occurs in the intestinal wall damages of discus. This is because the digestive system disease caused by the parasite fish cannot feed enough. The disease is advancing all staple food fish needs during the period of the kıkırdaksı tissue in the head. This is due to the use of kıkırdaksı in holes. It is effective in the treatment of the disease metranidaz OLE. The treatment process should be kept longer than other internal interference. Short treatments of the disease show a tendency to repetition. Vitamin and mineral supplements on a fishing trip in the aftermath of the treatment of the disease made the completion of the damaged cartilage tissue.


  • The most important symptom of abnormal feces, and weight loss.beyazjeldis that
    • Beyaz jel kıvamında dışkı Flagellates Hexamita and interference occurs with the influence of:. Metranidaz in the treatment of OLE is effective.
    • White, long and pinched stool : The Tapeworm consists of the impact of the Wolf and flukes. Praziquantel is effective in the treatment of.
    • Sarımsı renkte dışkı Nematode worms effect occurs with:. The treatment is effective primarily as an alternative to Praziquantel Flubendazole.
  • Because of the excessive eating of the digestive system disease with indifference.
  • Karın bölgesinde çöküntü


  • Metronidazole
  • Praziquantel
  • Flubendazole

Dış Parazitler

Anormal nefes alma the State is the most important indicators of the Gill parasite. The following situations are evaluated as Gill parasites of abnormal breathing should be suspected.

  • Su yüzeyine yakın durma
  • Solungaçlardan birinin uzun süre kapalı tutulması
  • Solungaç dokusunun sarkık olması
  • Solungaç hareketlerinin uzun süre çok az yada çok fazla olması

It is important that the abnormalities of breathing time. In such cases, eating the bait fish or short-term (4-5 minutes) breathing abnormalities. However, this situation should be interpreted as a breathing problem and prolongation should be followed. In the meantime, your children are breathing more often than adults in the normal state. Deri sorunları the most important indication of external parasites. The following cases should raise suspicion of external interference.

  • Balığın akvaryum içinde cisimlere sürtünmesi
  • Balığın kararması
  • Deride beyaz noktalar
  • Balığın mukoza atması
  • Deride renksiz yaralar oluşması
  • Balığın pullarının kabarması
  • Balığın finlerinin kasılması

Bad water conditions, breathing abnormalities and can cause skin problems. For this reason, improving water conditions before starting treatment and observation of results is required. Water change is optimized by increasing the frequency of water conditions. Cause for her symptoms if the treatment for external parasites invisible healing application.


  • Flukes: too small, and semitransparent. Baby discus too deadly. Discus FRY hatched process of 10-17 days, will cause mass deaths. Pups very quickly and no symptoms have been experienced when they died from. External parasites should be fighting primarily in this live. In the treatment of Praziquantel It is effective.
  • Protozoans
    • Oodinium
    • Flagellas
    • Ciliates
    • Dinoflagellateles
    • Ichthyopthirius (White Dots)

In the absence of effective treatment for flukes Protozoans creatures in this group that has been known to cause the disease should be considered. The most typical symptoms are white patches in the skin and fin fish. In the treatment of Malachite Yeşili ve Permasol It is effective.


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