Preparation of the water and FRY production process

Production in the tank, iç ve dış parazit sağaltımı made of double 8-10 days, very intensive feeding (daily 2 times beef heart, 4 time dry feed and founded the frozen blood for the 1st time). In this process the tank daily 50%-75% water yemlemenin water-intensive value by making the change to negative effects. In this process, water temperature 29-30 degrees.


TDS Metre

By the end of this period, feeding amounts decrease (daily 2 times dry feed) the rate at which the water is 30-40%. In this process, changes in water temperature of the water added during 23-25 C degrees will be reduced to around. The heater setting is set to 26-27 C. This water exchange, around 24-25 C before the tank temperature to fall, because with the heater again later 26-27 C causes the elevation of around. This triggers the reproduction request of heat fluctuation discus. To soften water production during this period is very important. I applications water conductivity value of 80-120 ms range. She threw it to the value of the conductivity of the water for revers ozmoz device is required. At this stage, iletkenlik ölçümü a measurement instrument (TDS metrepossession is required). Lowering the water conductivity can stress the fish quickly so be patient in some way must be reduced by the value of the conductivity.


pH Metre

PH value of only the time that the process of laying the eggs. A lot of people engaged in this business knows that lowering of the pH value of the water in a very challenging and low value. Therefore water only after lowering the value of the conductivity of the eggs with the arrangement of the process I'm trying to keep low-value in the range. Target worth 5.5-5.8 pH and for this operation Sera pH Minus I've been using the product. The product must be observed to the letter and to describe the use of a patient and a quality pH ölçüm cihazı in conjunction with the pH-value should be lowered. Lowering the pH of the process to be done with rush applications benefit rather than harm. In this regard the experience of the play with non-water pH value. pH value of the constant tutulamadığı to enter and the extreme stress situations discus after all to get sick. People learn from the forums on the Internet and phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and soda acid pH value, such as a sudden way to implementation of the chemical is very dangerous.

Production of water temperature, conductivity, and pH-lowering of the couples after their reproductive mode. Dual blades and your wife after you clean the funnel with reproductive females lay their eggs on the reproductive hopper from the bottom up. repro-red-scribbelt

If after male crossed the sperm eggs lined up. The most important issue in this phase of the breeding Aquarium su akıntısının olmamasıdır. If it can be captured in this phase is the filter and the ventilation system should be shut down. This can be done is a very large number of eggs may be hatching the insemination and, as a result of the increase. Egg turbulence during finalizing the mobility around the tank is important and the other couple in this process should be as comfortable as possible. 1-2 hours of ovulation process within 1-2 hours at the end of the egg with the help of a syringe on the metilen mavisi (100 LT water 5 ml) can be reduced by the amount of eggs are mantarlaşması I get bored. Approximately 1 hour with the filter and ventilation systems will not run.

Phase 1: Yumurtlamadan in the next 72 Hours (3 days)

Yumurtalaran cone is one on which the queue is located. In this phase 2. and 3. mantarlaşma of the eggs to slow these days (at a dose of 5 ml to 100 litres of water) methylene blue applied to the tank.

ponte-01Low-flow head engine must be run in the tank in the process. In this way, I saw a couple of eggs helps to vent rootstock and hence eggs mantarlaşması slowed down.

In this process the amount of fodder for the frequency of rootstock and is kept to a minimum. Morning/evening 5-6 bits is enough for feeding of rootstock in this process. Feeding frequency, and decreasing the amount of water prevents the corruption of values.

In this process, the water exchange is not performed or is lowered to the minimum level. I made the application; Ahmed sifonlanması of the feces and Bennett fiber in the form of flow back into the tank with the loss. Change of minimum water indirilmediği water values are modified cases increasing trends in eating the eggs of the rootstock.

phase 2: Larval stage for 72 hours (3 days)

eclosion-01Helps parents larvae hatched out. Mom and dad the larvae hatched funnel-pastes. Dispense the adhesive secretion in offspring head shim pups.

The most critical situation in this phase is the nitrate in the water values are high. The high value of nitrates is fatal. The larvae were due to high nitrate values do not stand and noticing that they begin to eat the puppies parents.

Nitrite is the most minimal feeding frequency and quantity to keep minimum levels. Nitrite is another helper method to keep nitrate reducing filters is to use the materials. I for this purpose JBL NitratEX I'm adding in this process, the product of the sump.

eclosionLarval stage should be made regular water exchange were made to the bottom shot. But what you need to watch out for is the mother and father ürkütülmemesi. Double exhibit aggressive behavior during this period. Dip into the Aquarium during el sokulmamalıdır. Otherwise, it will attempt to shoot a double hand hard blows. Stress eats the larvae entering the couple's status are frequently observed.

Phase 3: Free swimming phase

The chicks hatch after 50-60 hours free yüzüşe. Proper water values are provided by the larvae of the mother and father back through their parents, they begin to feed on the skin with the mucosa.

NAGE-freeDiscus is of vital importance in the development of their young milk. Certainly, it is necessary to frighten a pair of feeding the puppies. This care is not allowed if the stress they do not produce the necessary milk entering the diskus discus and offspring development completely disrupted.

The heater setting 29-30 C will be upgraded and tank to within the ventilator motor is removed.

Mom and dad passed on to normal feeding pattern. To keep the high milk yield of high-value feed, it is important that the use of the Russian psychologist. I am using frozen blood Wolf-intensive process.

In this process, one of the most important issues is likely Gill parasites. Although healingrepro-4 even though he won't do distress over parents made quantities of Gill parasites is fatal to puppies. This is not the attention are the next 15 out of eggs. days are collectively referred to as Cubs loss around. This is to prevent the situation from larvae hatched after the 8. 10. and 12. day 5 ml scale in 100 LT malachit yeşili should be added to the production environment.

5-6 other Cubs to swim free. from the day the egg out of the fresh water Artemiashrimp (artemia) to be given. After taking the bottom feeders and water exchange is very important. In this process, the aquarium water is very soft and it is not important to have low pH value of. The only thing that matters in terms of the value of clean water and low nitrite/nitrate is worth. For this reason, regular water changes should be made. I'm in this process daily for a total of around 40-50% water change. Free yüzüşe switch next 25. day ayırılmalıdır side of the parents ' offspring around.

the uretimsurec


  • First, let's set up a new aquarium ederim..10 days ago thank you for your information and merhabalar.degerl just got in a couple of discus .. Saturday so I did not use any drugs or something in history 10:09 noon kadar.sade by now that I have done the exchange and dry feeding after only know what the ideal magnification yapmalıyım..yavr I thank you in advance for your tips ... anda.yardim

  • What can I use for lowering nitrate Paylasiminz first thank you very much for my problem I did I do not need to remove the sponge filter sump system I'm using the internal production and the sump filters that filter it again.

    • The production is very high success rate when used sump. As Sump in nitrate-reducing "JBL Nitratex" I use the product.

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