Do it yourself: methylene blue, Malachite Green and Water Dispenser manufacturing

Aşağıda verilen tarifler Ulvi Özuğur our work has been compiled from the masters.DSC_0275

The following drug and water regulators during the preparation of the measure remain true to the fish in terms of your health is very important. For this reason prices are so fallen is a delicate balance, I would recommend that you use.

Methylene Blue:

Özellikle mantar ve parazitlere which is effective against a chemical substance.

Puppy is very important to avoid mantarlaşmayı during the production of a chemical that is. Couples eggs within the next 1-2 hours dizdikten recommended dosage directly onto the eggs. In addition, these chemicals as disinfectants and mushroom/parasites in order to prevent the main tank.

The market sold in powder form methylene blue can be used by diluting the pure. Effective treatment for 5%100 liters of water from 3 ml 3 ml of a solution with the accountmethylene-blue-500x500 is used.



1 liter of distilled water 5 grams methylene blue is involved in the 0.5% solution was obtained. The resulting cost of the solution is around 1 liter per approximately 45. The solution of the recommendations of the intensity of the cause of high rates appear to be the products sold in the market is 5%. Also the quality of the materials used and the use of purified water instead of tap water for dilution osmosis or shows high cost.

Kullanım miktarı : 100 Lt water 3 ml (20 drops of 1 ml)

Malachite Green:

These chemicals in the process of getting the Cub with the aim to prevent using the Gill parasite. Babies hatched over the next 10-15 days the most important puppy casualties in the process between the Gill is due to parasites. These chemicals are used in the appropriate dose is significantly decreasing loss of offspring even completely. In addition, these chemicals with the aim to prevent and reduce external noise and main tank.

Malachite Green oxalate chlorid and marketed in. More toxic for fish marketed as Oxalat, but it is more efficient to combat parasites. The recommended dose of 0.03 mg/l.

basic-malachite-green-775332Do not use the recommended dose is definitely on the drug that you developed. Sold in the market is a lot like diluted doses is recommended, but is not for commercial purposes, provided the following measures doz aşımı yapmamanız It is very important to the health of your live.

I would also strongly recommend that you take precautions not to splash around during the preparation of the drug. (Too much coloring your partner may experience problems due to a chemical 🙂 🙂)


Preparation: 1 liter of purified water is solids 3 g of Malachite Green 0.3% strength solution is obtained.

Kullanım miktarı : 100 Lt suya 1 ml (20 damla 1 ml)

Water Maker (Aquatan-Like):

Su hazırlayıcı kullanımı özellikle discus gibi yoğun su değişimi yapılması gereken türlerde ciddi bakım DSC_0272provides ease of. In the first period I started to feed the water changes, the discus great challenges man. First of all, the tap water I keep backup water tanks to ventilate. This water from chlorine to purify tap water keep you waiting in the store and I was running the air to ventilate engines. Also located inside this dinlendirdiğim water, putting it in the activated carbon filters.

Then I started using this water finisher. Make sure makes great convenience and water changes from being tormented. 70-litre waste containers. These bins water heater I got from about 33-34-degree waters. These waters below the recipe by adding water with a given dose finisher than a 15-minute wait and I'm emptying the Aquarium directly. Me too I'm applying this method that provides great convenience for 2 years and never had a problem with the DSC_0271I've never met. I recommend everyone with peace of mind. The following recipe is water to be prepared by the hazırlayıcısının cost is too low. All need to be careful not to overdose. Ayrıca direkt olarak canlıların bulunduğu ortamlara uygulanmamalıdır.

What do we use for what?

EDTA: to connect to heavy metals.
Sodium Thiosulfate to neutralize the chlorine and kloram:.


Kullanım miktarı : 100 Lt water 5 ml (20 drops of 1 ml)


  • I entrapment within duzenliyic prepared as water, fish can be used for suberication instead of methylene blue on the knee after the egg?

    • Hi all.. Water has no effect against the suberication that are formed at the editor. If the egg separate and then the water will change the properties of the negative effect.

  • Victorious ATA

    Blending quantities and use quantities?

  • Hello, I used 60 list of my 100-liter I've got a drum 5 ml water regulator card is it's going to be a question say had 40 liters a day after adding 60 liters of water per 100 liters finished I now this water will add 5 ml of solution or complete remains our amount of 60 liters versus 3 mL min will add to 5 ml of water was 40 liters editor had we added the amount of water that has lost its effect or is 8 mL or 10 mL min

    • Hello..
      Adding medicine for the rest of the first day of water. You'd account the amount of water added for the new drug.

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