Advantages/Disadvantages of Internal Sump systems

Hi all, this article to give you the advantage/disadvantages of internal sump, and external sump with comparison issues we will try to transfer information. When you want to set up a new Aquarium most of those around you, it's too bad it smells like, and a lot of noise out of your aquarium environment is made unbearable with criticism. In addition, hobicinin should be clean of the aquarium water changes and biological cycle of creation is the most should be enforced at the beginning of the topic. Especially that DISCUS loves clean and tranquil waters, such as the creatures seem to be difficult the creation of living environment. This is a very DISCUS severin before this hobby fearful dreams. But when you capture the basic points of this whole business will turn a taste and even most critics of your corals and fish will not receive from your eyes.

First of all I'd like to transfer you to the construction internal sumpun. A lot of different types and level of detail, you might encounter an internal sump but most basic used a glass with a deep side of the Aquarium closed off three or five is provided with the creation of a structure consisting of the pane. Here is the first of the issues to be aware of the aquarium glass pane that is used when generating the sump with the same thickness. Will the water pressure in the main tank section of glass would move this topic is important. The Interior is the same as the external sump section was created as a logic sumpun parallel. Internal or external sumpta panes can be adjusted manually, can enter the engine and heater head sizes preparation is very important.

sump Overview

1. Division: Water is poured into the episode, there are a few of the details in this section. Don't move from the top or from the bottom water withdrawals in the form of two different methods. However, when the water from the bottom in the feces and other scumbags will accumulate at the bottom of the section, you will need to be done shooting continuous sump. Another disadvantage of cub production especially Aquarium DISCUSların and larvae will pop up as a sump section here to pass. Move to the top is a staple will be placed on the top in the method and can be supplied in the collection of dirt and fibers with the dip to be washed more often than can be provided without the need for cleaning. Another important topic to partition hard stone and water emissions of water won't do it with a comb in a structure that hosts a lot of holes in or placing a material feed and fish directly from the sump will pass the section.


2.Bölme: The heater in the Aquarium, although they are significantly lower than the design eye and material possibility of many aquarists due to provide gözükmemesine by preferred. I'm not placing this section ısıtıcımı tankımda magnification. In the case of a possible head engine failure cause of water is the water cooling tank stop and main section of the casting. At the beginning of the most sensitive issues of the early DISCUS heat exchange I don't take the risk. But production in the pups in the Aquarium the collection black objects due to advancing the appropriate section on behalf of any material not only to control all the time.

3. Partition: Filter material of the section, this section will be used depending on the type of material you will look completely akvaris although DİSCUS fish mainly for accepted sequence are given below.

I yandangorun

Biyolojik Sünger
Biyolojik Sünger
Biyolojik Sünger
Lav Kırığı
Biyolojik Sünger

4. Split: Water taşırılarak havalandırılmasına contributing section, this section is disabled in some design. Depending on the height of the water loss as a negative sound on the water sump can be and the motor can cause less. But lava fracture etc. materials filtered sediment, and over time the bastards that consists of direct motor section to pass through and then stop pressing the Aquarium because it is is my preferred is a pane.

5. Partition: Filtered water is transferred to the Aquarium. At the beginning of the most important issues in this section are to be chosen from the engine head. In the Interior, especially the large volume of Aquarium Aquarium sump is applied head at the bottom of the water dirt be motoronun low-power and feed residues to accumulate more water causes the loop at least. This time, they reduce the quality of the water and even can provide the opportunity to the formation of living organisms planaria, etc. As an example, the main tank volume 300 lt 30 lt sumpta 1800 lt/hour head engine provides a good performance. A production of 50 * 50 * 50 gene Aquarium 300 lt/hour head engine provides a fairly good performance. Aquarium filter eyes extra filling water will decrease the speed of the transition recently from a figure of yavaşlaycaktır the water divide. In the case of the water of the engine fast flashes in the last chapter the problem of running out of water. For this reason, the amount of material in the choice of the engine head, it is important to keep in mind. Head engine water flushes are required for materials are available from many hardware stores at affordable prices.


Internal production and augmentation sumpu as a hobby that uses in so far what I've observed, I want to share with you the advantages and disadvantages.


1- According to the very high cost of outboard certainly much higher filtration,

2- Low power consumption,

3- It is located in the aquarium does not cause the need for extra space, spatial economy,

4- Silence, (your friends suffering from said first voice I will not even ask if the engine is working at the aquarium 🙂)

5- Will spoil your taste will take place in the aquarium materials (non-motor apparatus, etc.)

6- Cleanliness is very easy, the washing of the uppermost fibers or replacing adequate,

7- Very low cost can be prepared.

External according to Sumpa Disadvantages;

1- losses from the aquarium volume

2- Lower filtration.

If you want to make a hassle-free hobby internal or external sumplu an aquarium definitely. In the beginning you just enjoy and good order after raising a healthy DİSCUS s effortlessly.

Internal sumplu instance of an aquarium image:



  • Moses Açıkgöz

    I'm getting an aquarium with 400 liters of the need to plan for it from the bottom of the sump I appreciate your help, I intend to do the sumpl glass or mica in a another container I kullanamazmıy

    • Merhabalar

      the inner side of the sump sump for someone who has tried all kinds of 400 liter aquarium I strongly recommend it.

      According to the much quieter and efficient method is needed to lower the sump ... more powerful engines in the lower sump.
      This is the power of money and causing more noise ..

  • Hi, I have sumpl 120 50 60h inside the aquarium, but the engine is running encrypt voice. What do you oneri bit quiet and economical engine according to this mind-liter happens?

  • I'm thinking of letting a portable sump 80x60x40 aquarium. I abstained or may sump sump rear side. Can you help with this.

    • Merhabalar

      I recommend kosher tower sump aquarium of this size. Sample: 10 cm x 10 cm.

      If you want to make a side or rear sump sump can be input manually, you lose a lot of space.

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