Easy Discus Guide

In this article we show you how you to raise, I'm going to try to summarize effortlessly Discus. In the forums, when you begin to do research on sites in the discus with discus fish can change and how hard it was to start because it is very kind of you're a dying fish get sick and you will read a lot of comments. Forget all that! The world is beautiful, there is no labor and doesn't want to be seen almost nothing. But the discus for patience and interest, other than the only thing you need is to install a good systematic.

1. Contact your sumpl an aquarium Discus (internal or external sump sump may vary depending on your space and your opportunity)

2- Get Healthy fish (especially a lot of negative comments on a letter to the board because of having to deal with beginners and inexperienced fish sick friends)

Get your high quality heaters, especially 3- (often lack heat exchange will protect your fish from diseases, other materials can also be the best according to your budget)

The ordered structure of water changes 4- (daily water do not necessarily change, if you sumpl and a large-volume tank would be enough for two weeks)

try to feed with different types of feed 5-Meals.

The top 5 article is sufficient to raise a good discus, in addition, as I mentioned in the beginning just need patience and attention.

We have established, fish, Aquarium sistema materials. So this discus is the talk of the town when it opened in matters relating to water changes, how to do it? Here are all the materials you need:

Gerekli malzemeler

Bin (70 l), head engine (LT/hour minimum), roofs pipe and hose, the water regulator.

First of all, from the bottom to make it comfortable and hardware of our hands in the water to make more contacts we have received we have received from the hardware store and again dirty roofs pipe water where we would extend that far in length, preferably empty hose as seen in the image are combining (can be found in products ready in the Aquarium). Then we're going to start the process of the water.

Suçeken Up

We are having and the water until the bottom level dirt. (This method instead if you prefer to move with the times and water bucket as you would be too burdensome.)

Then the hose end into the boiler or hot water output tied to the other end, we leave the trash bucket into (if you have to replace your garbage bucket could be scuttle tank is portable, cheap and so on for via litter sampling rates) and we're starting to fill the bucket. Aquatan into the water, to the extent appropriate, the editor of the similar water hydro safe we're pouring (harmful components in the water to precipitate, these products are available at very reasonable prices from chemist). After waiting a while, head engine hose by dropping into the Aquarium.


Once you have filled in the aquarium water supplies. As one of the most difficult process of care discus voiced this process by using appropriate materials within 15-20 min halledebileceksiniz.

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