Beef heart preparation

Yemin özellikleri

Dana's heart in an age of growth of our bait diskus is probably one of the most important meal of the day. Thanks to the high-protein contained in fish to keep our large and fast form. On the other hand, scientific research is hot water cold blooded creatures diskusun land a friendly animal flesh is fully sindiremediğini and discus reveals liver steatosis in the doing. For this reason, we have to do is beef heart vows in the context of the heart to keep balanced with other materials and the amount of our day 1-2 meals formulated more than to keep good form and avoid healthy growth.

Although I swear in the name of ' Beef Heart ' best attribute is, in fact, has a range of a very wide range of food. Salmon, shrimp, and powdered spirulina provides both animal and vegetable protein by using diversity. Garlic is added as a natural antibiotic and immune system of the fish with the smell of the protective effect of whetting your appetite. Fresh red pepper and carrots contain carotene and vitamins helps our fish thanks to coloration. Spinach plays a role in digestive systems Editor.


Gerekli malzemeler

  • 700-800 g Beef heart Malzemeler
  • 300-400 g salmon
  • 300-400 g Shrimp
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 2 large fresh red chilli
  • 15 – 20 leaf spinach
  • 15 head of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon pure powdered spirulina
  • 2 multivitamin (outer container for use in the article cut)

Rondo öncesi hazırlık aşaması

  • First of all the dice and all the nerves, heart, fatty beef core parts with the help of a sharp knife. Purified heart black meat should not be anything external. Otherwise, we'd be prepared to feed our fish sindiremi. 800 g beef heart, but 400-450 gr purified heart. For this reason, when you buy half of the fire heart, given the consideration must be twice the amount of what is need. Then cleaned thoroughly washed blood from the parts of the heart and is prevented from dirt.
2014-05-19-410 2014-05-19-411
  • Salmon, fish bones and thick skin with the help of a knife peeled. Cubed pieces.
  • And what these shrimp shells extracted and washed and cleaned.
  • Peel the extracted air is cleaned and the iron is hot.
2014-05-19-414 2014-05-19-413
  • Washed spinach leaves, one at a time. Stay in the middle of the leaf-veined grips and handles features 2014-05-19-416eating should participate.
  • Carrots peeled and divided into 3-4.
  • Red pepper 2-3 pieces and all the cores are extracted.
  • They boiled carrots and peppers in a small saucepan. A sufficient amount of batırılabiliyorsa and boiled carrots without difficulty a fork.
  • Boiling water, carrots and peppers are collected and discarded the same water spinach. boil about 5-6 min.
  • Biberlerin is hard to digest of outer membranes with the help of a knife to dice portions were robbed and thrown away.
  • Spirulina tablets turned into dust pounded in the mood.
2014-05-19-415 2014-05-19-409

Rondo aşaması

  • First of all, veal heart rondoya is discarded and the start to be ground. Ground for about 10 minutes.
  • The prawn is added and 5 min ground.2014-05-19-419
  • Salmon is added and 5 min ground.
  • Red peppers, carrots, spinach, garlic and spirulina rondoya is added. Multivitamin pills cut the ends of the rondo is tightened and pills into the empty containers are discarded.
  • Altogether 5 min more ground

Poşetleme ve buzluk aşaması

  • Prepared mortar refrigerator bag (the bag halfway).
  • Bags flat on the ground by yassılaştırılır and manually.
  • All poşot are left freezing by inserting it in the freezer.2014-05-19-420
  • Mortar near freezing (3-4 hours) are removed from the freezer. Cube-shaped pieces (1.5-2 cm3).
  • All fees are locked in an airtight after continue sautéing for rough and put back in the freezer without losing time.
  • The cold chain is very important and never solved the bait again should not be frozen. Otherwise may poison your fish.materials1
  • Day 1-2 meals from the frozen feed cube fish population can give your enough. Veal heart while feeding with feed by turning off the filter system and until the feed particles will escape possible amount of filter and the fish ate greater amounts of this quality your enticement.


  • I did the same to the one to one gram of fish bait recipe has caused the death of my brother, why ??? for God's sake remove spent a ton of money on a bi whether the damage in the following recipe to anyone not mess with this stuff I wish I had never

    • Merhabalar
      Sorry for your loss, but can not because of this feed. I've been using this for about 12 years and so I did not waste mixture. Be sure not a loss due to this recipe. Why is another. If you want to talk 0535391 55 57

  • It disrupts the intense garlic water quality in the must be given before the prepared feed foot shot I had no problem doing so ... in a row If we do dip shooting whether from the feed water quality deteriorates let's go get geçmişol all dies

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