Gender and determination of Couples

Gender Determination:

One of the things most Sung about Discusların Discuslarda male and female form of sexism is very difficult to do. Discuslarda there is no significant differences to be made gender discrimination and is not certain. The easiest path to the reproduction of sexist periods further discus pronounced reproductive tubes. Male discusun sperm tube ince ve sivri uçlu iken dişi discusun yumurtalama tüpü ise genellikle yuvarlak ve kalın Open-ended.

Female Discus

Men's Discus

Men's Discus

Female Discus

Discusların gender separation during benefitable clues which are listed below.

Get Structure; Some can be done easily with this method, gender stratification in the discus. Men's discus take parts of the front of the right is more swollen and protruding structure. In females, while according to the structure of the body structures be more oval. DiscusCinsiyet_2
Angle Of Fins; Discus the most preferred method to determine gender. Natural colloid which protects the dorsal fin are drawn from the tail fin straight lines, if they don't your fins in the tail is male; fin cuts you can understand the female. DiscusCinsiyet
Aspect Ratio; Men, according to a female discus larger prey here. But this method works with the separation of male and female to be able to make sure that the same is particularly discus delfs. The brothers are among the generally more imposing and ostentatious discus are gender male. DiscusCinsiyet_4
Dorsal Fin; The ends of the back of the fin part of the men's discus usually pointed, while the female is the more rounded dorsal fins, according to men who are built. DiscusCinsiyet_3

Peer retention and Kurlaşma:

Those who choose their fish are unique discuses live. Therefore to be preferred method is to wait for the formation of the main tank in the pair. Holding fishes in the main tank, and don't look at the success of the offspring. The main tank will keep the paint and unique in adulthood come certain themselves in various ways fishes.

  • Kurlaşma hareketlerinin en belirgini tüm vucutlarını kullanarak yaptıkları güçlü titremelerdir.
  • Another important symptom is the color changes in the body. With the back of the upper and lower fin near the tail of the black portions of a toned renk koyulaşması can be seen.
  • The tail of the last 4 line the side of the koyulaşarak becomes very apparent.
  • The main tank of the peer will keep discus fish to even include other fish of choice as they are frequently seen in aggressive action.

Over time, we started to swim with couples holding their wives, other fish approached them rmadıkları and they were chasing. Pairs of female egg on their build-up in the abdominal region consisting of, depending on the şişlik noticeable. This pair of candidates with their mouths to spawn and belly rub any upright surface, they begin to clean up. Ready to breed these couples are very, very good number of eggs, egg size and feeding efficiency is important. Properties must be fed with high protein feeding female discus are. I own an intensive applications dondurulmuş kan kurdu I'm currently using.

Gender discrimination

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  • Hi I want to take care of this fish is about 2 years, I'm very delicate hobby, but some problems for a tour of yasayacagimida. Gautam and healthy puppies are fragile and where can I find location or not akvaryumculardaki soylediniz can you help me

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