Transfer the couple to the breeding tank and Treatment

Production is made primarily of double tank polluted internal parasites. My medication for this purpose FLAGY yada NODAZIN the hell is going on. Nidazol Under the normal treatment doses (100 Lt water 1 FLAGYL) dose for a period of 2 days. 2 at the end of the day in the range of 70-80% water change.

Internal parasites were prescribed in the wake of the polluted external parasites and disinfection. Can be used for this purpose among the priority choice of drugs PERMASOL can be. Dose is 2 mg/litre should be applied per liter. must be. Low-dose will not provide the expected benefits to be made in the applications. This medicine contains the active ingredient on the market are sold at doses of 250 mg. 125-litre tank of offspring should be implemented on a tablet of that drug. Permasol tablet in a bowl out of the Aquarium should be applied to the tank thoroughly melted. When applied to the color of the water in the tank the drug significantly purple color.Permasol

3-3.5 hours that followed the implementation of the drug at the end of the aquarium water becomes yellow. This indicates the effectiveness of the drug has ended. The remains of the drug to be taken from the aquarium fish tank Hidrojen Peroksit is added. This is a fairly low dosage amounts of the drug. 125-litre aquarium up to 1.5 ml. it should be applied in such a way. Hydrogen peroxide should be very careful during implementation. The drug must be avoided to bare skin and especially the eyes. The effect of the drug is irritating but not burning. In the case of the region of the body affected the drug's skin contact wash thoroughly with running water. After contact with skin, blanching and itching occurs. The effect is not permanent. the negative effects of the drug within 1-2 hours. Hydrogen peroxide should be joined after the yellow colored aquarium water turns white quickly berraklaşarak. Half an hour is enough hydrogen peroxide application. After that the aquarium water should be replaced with fresh water at the rate of 80%.

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