Furnished in sets of 3 aquarium construction (Visual Presentation)

dsc_1018 I started everything from scratch.

I got a way of giving $ 100 from a hobbyist profile stand in the picture a little rusty. I want to make a new've come to settle into their rusted gave £ 700-800 price.

All floors are painted and rusty I applied 2 coats ANTİPAS make sandpaper.

Stand on the mezzanine floor I estimate I BAUHAUS screws from 18 mm MDF boards.

MDF sheet of water and humidity to prevent them I cover with PVC film dsc_1014
1 - We start with the base glass. 2 - Then I stick the rear window.

3 - Side windows is glued. 4 - I'm starting the construction of the inner side sump

5 - mending the internal sump later I add spacers to the aquarium 6 - Internal sump final ..

7 - making the part to be used for return of water through a sump

8 - I shorten the long portion of the connection piece of PVC tank

9 - The final version of the tank connection piece

10 - I'm sticking with Tangit part to connect the hose with Warehouse apparatus.
11 - glued state.

12 - Mounted state ..
13 - Construction of steam cam sled 14 - second solid.

15 - top floor 16 - adhering the sled
17 - Construction of side rails 18 - Bonding of side rails
19 - The final form of the glass slides and steam.
20 - I'm starting to furniture making. I cut the raw material as MDF Ankara-Sites.

21 - primer, water-based oils, paint thinners, paste-style wooden wood varnish and so on. I prepared materials.

22 - First, I applied paint. 23 - After 2nd floor paint primer
24 - I'm starting the assembly of furniture.
25 - I do sanding with wood putty to fill seams. Putty continue to work ..
26 - After sanding

27 - after the hinged caps fitted


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