Bacteria conflict?

What is bacterial culture:

Discuslarda leather on top of a a layer of bacteria culture free Wi-Fi. This bacteria culture layer above mucous membrane is covered with protective protein layer called. It is located in the formation of the culture of bacteria in fish, environmental conditions, water conditions and water is very effective trace elements contained in the content.

BakteriCakismasi_1 The other issue affecting the structure of the bacterial culture is a form of feeding fish. Frequently used feed method in our country on the basis of prepared food are beef heart method. This formula was used during the preparation of shrimp, salmon and trout meat derivatives includes different cultures of bacteria. As a result, this formula with different bacteria cultures we have overcome our fish.

In our country, raised and produced in bacteria is not the problem of a conflict of race. This is because our country's General water hardness, water structure, and these waters are close to one another of minerals it contains. A brief quarantine in different cities after we receive and we add the main tank fish are a short adaptation of the process to adapt the main tank in the aftermath.

BakteriCakismasi_2 But from abroad and especially Far East (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) is the fish from this process is a very serious risks. The fish that grows in our country, the bacteria population comparable with the fish from the far East is so low. Also this is not the fish feed imported regimens and so their water quality is superior to many of us. This is a very powerful bacteria population grew up in the fish in our country according to fish that has been trained and is more resistant to urea.

What is bacteria in the conflict:

Different bacteria adapted to the culture of fish in the same tank as a result of the receipt of BakteriCakismasi_4the resulting situation is generally referred to as bacterial conflict. A disease has eluded and fishes are immunized against the disease with the same non-immune disease yet fish in an aquarium, it is merging with.

The main reason the bacteria's conflict are bacteria.
During the production of a electricfeedback component to somehow immunized and carrier has become a fish, put into another Aquarium, the Aquarium-electricfeedback component in pathogenic immune to live, this BakteriCakismasi_3the fish's immune system can kill the patient and for this patojenle head. Foresight work involves extensive antibiotics to treat the disease (tetracycline, Oxytetracyclin) can be used.


  • If you are sure the source to purchase fish.
  • Of value added fish from different sources.
  • You have received new fish in a quarantine tank to wait as long as possible.


Start Extreme light don't
day 1 Loss of appetite and feed conversion can be dropped
day 2 Swimming disorders
Dived-soled and side bangs
Loss of balance, wobble and around the swimming movements
day 3 Head swellings and cartilage tissue collapses
Extreme fatigue and the muff around the bottom


This event had previously lived and experience the treatment process will take a while as someone would say. The power to take fish during a continuous mucous membrane disease lose at this stage, the important thing is to keep the vitamins and mineral supplements with vigorous fish. It's a very, very important is to eat the bait fish the other patients. Fish as long as it remains open how much vitamin supplements will decrease, and we do, as a result of the weak is death. In this process, the fish live bait, Aleksandar, fleas and flies will raise their type of appetite such as feed with feed.

day 1: The disease was first detected in permas Sarah treatment is applied. Treatment details can be reached.

day 2 : With high dose Tetracilin HCL treatment begins to be implemented. At least 4 days While performing water changes with repeated treatment. Treatment details ..

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