7 steps in Artemia, and Details

Hi all, this is the percentage of the high evolutionary to you in my article with artemia will tell you how to perform the removal procedure. In the forums, we are seeing a lot of internet sites with directions, but the step-by-step processes that need to be done literally and this work is never based on a single source of reference for someone who doesn't to come across a share that allows you to perform a lot of power. Artemianın main benefits especially for our baby discus is a dietary protein is very easy to be weighted and summed up as hazmedilebilen. But it's not going to catch a good opening percentage or shells to be parsed in the areas if we fail we can't digest these shells and baby offspring deaths are likely to increase. Now how to do this job;

1-brine shrimp artemia is necessary to remove the eject operation set (per bottle and air motor can be found many examples about to be done with, but cheap and ease Out Rapier Artemia Kit due based on the example I'm going to transfer, within the set filter comes in), rock salt or brine shrimp artemia salt, you will find, as (the trusted information from one place to another is very important, artemia eggs are exposed to moisture expansion rates are very low) , teaspoon, air engine.


2- After providing the necessary materials, if a finger to below the limit line for filling water determined as set our Artemia are filling carboy or water purification,


3 the contact details we will use to fill the water brine shrimp to be twice the salt we pour into the set, how to spoon all account hesitations have been experiencing, heaping it's going to be deleting it will expire, and so I have a spoon in your eyes for a revival of the name I added pictures for the amount I applied on their own. Here I would like to point out that you can take two spoonfuls of salt.

salt artemia

4-then remove air motor attribute to set the valve to the brine shrimp, artemia eggs are set under the air tricks collection is to set up enough to prevent violence. Otherwise, the eggs will stick to each other and they look forward to the 5th. Air adjustment valve will return all of the eggs in the water by playing with the level should be set. Here is another convenience point is set to anything other than the valve valve out of the Aquarium to the air motor is installed in such a way that the serum. Thus, once the amount of brine shrimp after you have set up the air set ever built, and out of the water because of the amount of possible air without the intervention of the set with ease.


5-about 28-30 degrees are available by clicking the aquarium water in 24 hours, Abdullah will open. At the end of this period, subtracting from the aquarium in artemia Kit (as shown in article 2 can be worn on the cover of the wardrobe) waited ten minutes a light environment.

6-at the end of This time they set the transparent part of the light-sensitive will thus collected artemia dewatering during drop in artemia, brine shrimp shells because on the surface of the water will not interfere.

leaching increased Artemia

7-once you've filtered out of the water with the help of strainer Artemiaları passing salt of decontamination process must be carried out. With the help of a syringe, you can give your fish by clicking the green button.

NOTE: the set up again immediately after removing the artemia ambient you must install into that on the next day at the same time get ready for your baby in your brine shrimp.

I wish you a pleasant hobby.

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