Discus Enthusiast – Escribano

Escribano, engineer, 28 years old, he lives in Ankara.

Since 2010 this hobby step. In previous years, goldfish and even though I had the types of chewing gum and the day I met turned out to be a passion, a hobby with the Discus. Like all the puppies must receive and maximize the Discus, the course is amazing. Photos serüvenimde belongs to Discuslarıma that keep me company.

I hope the site published article and images to help about raising healthy discus.

Available Types:

Golden Melon, Red & White, Red Patent, Snow White and Allenquer.

Dwarf pleco and Apple snails.


1 x 100 * 50 * 65 Main tank (inside Sumplu).

1 x 100 * 40 * 50 Zoom tank (inside Sumplu).

1 x 50 * 50 * 45 Quarantine tank (inside Sumplu).

One comment

  • Hello. I want to feed and collection of discus. Where can I get. Want to set up a new Aquarium for that. Took your advice I need. Tsk

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