Meltdown of tail and Fins

Kuyruk ve Yüzgeçlerde Erime

The greatest of success in production and feeding discus key observation. It's a good hobby Khan discus, realizing that all positive and negative changes that occurred in the wrong situations should identify and correct intervention should take. Most of the time, in the case of late, however, remain unrecognized loss can cause a disease, even of discus will share with you, "the tail and fins in meltdown". The top of the fin of this disease-type fish, fins and tail as the regional meltdown.


A large part of the queue, as shown in the picture is melted and if left untreated will dissolve all of the tail. In cases where it is not detecting the disease will progress, the ends are beyazlaşıp will consist of a bacterial disease and fungus. Sometimes they can be seen, even blood in the ends. After this stage, treatment will become much more difficult. Disease reveals the reason most of the time the water values in bozulmadır. In this case, the filter system is to be checked, if any, water control and water values of measurement kit aquarium water values, check if an item that can break. The value of the measured conductivity values low water out of if it is interested in this kind of shortcoming in the extremities can cause discusunuzun sake should be inferred from the. After the period of some diseases, especially in the upper and lower fin deformities is causing destruction, consisting of düzelmeyip. So from now on, when you detect the spread and do not allow the necessary progress is very important to begin treatment.

DSCF4223 DSCF4224

One day your corals noticed a tail similar to melt in the discus. What are you going to do?

Most of the time, the ends are in the picture. In cases where the bleaching treatment sets simple and there is nothing to fear. The main reason the disease is often water values in bozulmadır. In the first few days, frequent water exchange (brined or water regulators prepared) to vitamin (bemix bulb, fishta or discus my element, and so on can be used vitamins) and mineral supplement (150 lt might be a bottle of mineral water, obtained from pharmacies unadulterated calcium tablet can be used). Water quality improvement and reinforcements will bring with it a rapid improvement. At the same time, a shortcoming in the filter system, should be checked whether a wrong topic. Due to blockage of the filter material, dirt, and so on. in cases where the water clean enough it's not going to happen that will cause deterioration of water quality. If such a situation should be detected filter cleaning should be done.

As a result, these applications would not be a positive development if it is the case, it means a little more critical. In this case, methylene blue and Malachite Green can be applied with a 3-day treatment (100 lt – 3 ml of methylene, 100 lt – 2 ml malahit). When applying the treatment, 20% water change every day, the same dose of medicine by making is applied. 4. day 50-70% water change and activated carbon with water is prevented from chemicals. At the same time, vitamin and mineral supplements will bring with it a faster recovery.

In cases where further disease progresses more effective use of antibiotics for bacterial diseases will give you the results.

I wish everyone an enjoyable hobby!

Discusu is not a disease will kill to be irrelevant and uninformed!

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