4TH NAQ World Discus Championships 2015 begins!

For the fourth time this year, which will be held ' Naples Aquatica World Discus Championship between September 25-27, 2015 will take place in Italy. Amateurs and professionals from all over the world can participate in the contest participation fee and lovers of discus conditions briefly;

  1. Competitors can participate in the contest and with more than one discus each discus for 45 € fee is paying for it.
  2. The contest 4-7 pieces for the contestants participating in the discus with discus price 40.00 € per
  3. Competition 8 and more for the contestants participating in the discus with discus price 27.00 € per
  4. Competitors in the same category you cannot join with more than 4 discus.

  • To the credit of bank information, free participation in the following way;
    Napoli Aquatica
    ABI: 02008
    CAB: 74792
    CIN: U
    C/c: 000401363051
    IBAN: IT82U0300274792000401363051
    BIC/Swift: UNCRITM1NA5
    UniCredit Banca di Roma

  • Able to participate in the following categories in the contest.
    Grup Numara Kategori
    First Group
    1 Wild Captive Breeding Forms
    Second Group
    Breeding forms
    2 Pattern and Stripe-Brown base (including Snake skin)
    3 Pattern and Stripe-Yellow base
    4 Solid Blue
    5 Red
    6 Yellow
    7 Red Spotted
    8 Albino Solid and Pattern
    9 Unclassifiable

  • We are going to participate in the contest for the journey 3 days ago yemlemenin discus discontinuation is recommended.
    Prepared for the contest and each of the discus professional equipment 100-liter tanks equipped with guests. The Committee akvaryumlardaki water values PH = 4.2/4.5 acidic, conductivity 250 ms, temperature will be prepared in the form of 28 degrees.

  • For each category in the competition 1. 2. and 3. to be elected, and the prize will be awarded.

  • Also, the best competition will be selected from among all categories of fish and 5000 € prize.

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